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Please refer to these FAQ’s before you send us your question.


1. About helicopter tours
Q. 1-1 Are reservations necessary?
A. Reservations are required. We recommend booking early as tours are often sold out well in advance. You can make a reservations on-line and off-line by phone, fax or by e-mail!

Q. 1-2 Do you provide an English-speaking guide for the tour?
A. As an option, for a small extra fee, our tours can include the services of a guide.
English, Spanish, German, French, Hungarian and Hebrew-speaking guide are available; other languages on request.

Q. 1-3 Can you arrange a private helicopter tour for our family?
A. We can design an itinerary at a time that suits you, to your own comfort levels and within your own budget. Please send your request by e-mail or by fax.

Q. 1-4 Do you operate helicopter tours even if there is only one participant?
A. Yes, most of our tours operate even if there’s only one person. Prices will be adjusted!

Q. 1-5 What is your Child Policy?
A. We go out of our way to try and ensure your family is immaculately looked after throughout the flight. We can even arrange for toys to be placed onboard the aircraft so your children are happily entertained. Ultimately private helicopter travel gives you the luxury of knowing your child is comfortable and secure alongside you and there is no concern about disrupting other passengers.

Q 1-6 How many people can ride in a helicopter?
- Each of our helicopters seats between 3 and up to 10 passengers plus the pilot.

Q 1-7 Is parking available at the heliport?
A - Yes, in most cases.

Q 1-8 Do you have gift certificates available for purchase?
A - Yes we do.

Q 1-9 What happens if a buy a tour and my flight is cancelled due to weather?
A- We will do our best to reschedule your tour for another date and time. If we can not find an agreed upon date and time for your tour and you purchased your tour through this website we will refund you in full. If you purchase your tour through a 3rd party or affiliate you will need to call them directly to discuss rebooking and/or refund options.

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2. Change itinerary
Q. 2-1 Can the itinerary suffer any changes?
A. In case we’ll have a full house situation at one of the hotels, or restaurant an accommodation/ restaurant of an equal classification or better will be booked for you. In case of dangerous weather conditions the itinerary could suffer changes. Pilots in command will decide this.

3. Meeting Point
Q. 3-1 How do I get to meeting point?
A. Follow our recommendation on How to arrive, heading found for any voucher that you will receive from our company!
In the unfortunate case of being delayed and prevent you in this way from getting to your meting point in good time, please call 0040 364 405641.

4. Meals
Q. 4-1 Can you provide vegetarian food in Hellicopter Dining?
A. We can, in most cases. Merely show your preferences in your message.

5. Helicopter Charter

Q 5-1 What charter helicopter types do you use?
A. We do not own charter helicopters, we broker charter helicopters owned by exclusively selected helicopter charter operators. As helicopter charter brokers, we offer all kinds of charter helicopter types for all kinds of flights. Small or large. We choose the charter helicopter that best meets your needs and budget. We are completely independent and have no financial ties to any helicopter charter operator. This guarantees unbiased quotations, best rates and selection of helicopter to the client.

Q. 5-2 What's an empty leg flight?
A. This is when the aircraft is already scheduled to fly a passenger (or pick up a passenger) on a one way flight. The other "leg", that the aircraft needs to fly is empty of passengers, and is considered the empty leg or backhaul. Since the aircraft has been paid by the first passenger, the empty leg rate is substantially reduced (between 25-60% off the regular price).

Q. 5-3 How far in advance do I need to book my helicopter charter flight?
A. One of the major benefits of using our services is that you can arrange a private helicopter charter through us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with only a couple of hours notice. For more complicated itineraries (with multiple destinations), we suggest at least a few days notice. However, in emergency situations we are capable of launching any size charter helicopter in a matter of hours.

Q. 5-4 What is the shortest period of notice I need to give to book a flight?
A. It depends on the clearing of payments. If you have a Card with sufficient credit for the flight, you can be off the ground almost within an hour of booking.

Q. 5-5 How soon do I need to arrive before the flight departure?
You only need to arrive 30 mins before your flight is due to take off

Q. 5-6 What happens if I am delayed on my way to the airport/heliport?
A. You need not worry. With the flexibility of private air travel your helicopter will wait for you.

Q. 5-7 Do I need to go through security checks at the Airport/Heliport?
A. In most cases, private travellers can avoid the disruption of security checks, although this depends on the individual airport.

Q. 5-8 How much luggage can I take?
A. There are no luggage limits if you travel on private aircraft, the only restrictions depend on the size / model of the aircraft.

Q. 5-9 Can I take my pet onboard?
A. Yes. Transylvania Live has flown a whole range of pets from dogs and cats to fish and even turtles. We can arrange your travel with your pet giving you peace of mind that they are safe.

Q. 5-10 What about the extra services I can have?
A. We will tailor a complete package to meet your specific requirements. VIP saloon on airports, presidential welcome (with people in traditional clothes, bread, salt and drinks or a traditional band), limousines, accommodation, car rental... you name it.


6. Payment
Q. 6-1 What credit cards do you accept for the on line payment?
A. We only accept VISA and MASTERCARD for online payments. Please select only these two types of credit cards for the online payment.

Q. 6-2 What type of payment do you accept off line?
MasterCard, Visa, JCB, Diners Club and American Expres via fax and phone.
We also accept payments via PayPal (by credit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or PayPal account), by Moneybookers, bank transfer and Western Union.

Q.6-3 What currency do you accept?
A. If you pay with your credit card, your credit card can hold any type of currency, the amount of money to be taken will be exchanged in EURO by your bank.
We only accept USD, EURO, and GBP for payments by bank transfer.

Q. 6-4 Do you offer group discounts?
A. Yes, depending on the number of your group. Contact us

 Q.6-5 Is my money safe?
On-line bookings and payments are processed by Romcard, authorised agent for Mastercard and Visa in Romania and secured by Rapid SSL, a leading secure sockets layer (SSL) Certificate Authority enabling secure e-commerce and communications for Web sites; our company is  member of American Society of Travel Agents and respect the code of ethichs. As a tour operator we are governed by the consumer and financial regulations of European Union. European legislation compells tour operators to protect tourists in case of insolvency.

Q. 6-6 What commisions do I have to pay besides your anounced prices?
A. Our prices include the online secure payment commsions. However depending on your bank some commisions may occur for international money transfer. Please check with your bank!

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7. About Romania:
Q. 7-1 Do USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Spain, EU citizens require a visa?
No, thise citizens don’t require a visa.

Q.7-2 What countries require a visa?
To check the list of the countries that require a visa please see the web site page of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at

Q. 7-3 What is the local currency in Romania?
In Romania the local currency is LEU, code RON.

Q. 7-4 What about the local costs in Romania?
Local Costs in a 3* restaurant: Soft Drink: $1.3; Beer: $ 1, 7; Bottle of Wine: $ 8, 7 - $18; 3 course dinner: $13.28 - $18.11.
In shops these products can be 50% cheaper.

Q.7-5 Are ATMs available?
ATMs are available in all the cities; near by hotels, our guide will come with good advice and recommendations.
MasterCard ATM Locater– Search by address and by airport  atm locator

Visa ATM Locator– Search by airport, city and country

Q.7-6 What is the voltage of the electric power system in Romania?
In Romania electric power in use is of 220 voltages, AC, usually 2 pronged.

Q.7-7 What’s the climate like in Romania, what clothes should I wear?
Romania enjoys warm summers and cold winters. In summer, cool cottons are best and in the winter a warm jacket or alike is recommended.


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